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John-Mark Bell jmb202 at
Mon Nov 6 14:20:28 GMT 2006

On Mon, 6 Nov 2006, Michael Drake wrote:

> PLAN --
> Set Absolute positioning and Lists to "done". I think any outstanding
> stuff with them like stacking order or list marker position and stuff
> can be treated as bugs, rather than outstanding features.
> That would just leave Cookies on the Plan.

Sounds about right.

> Remove Lists and Frames sections.


> I'm not sure if the form "disabled" attribute is done yet.


> I think list-style

That's the meta property, so its status depends on the other 3 ;)

> and list-style-type are done.

No; none of the numbering systems apart from decimal are currently 
handled (they'll display as decimal, iirc).

> I am not sure about list-style-image.

Should be done.

> HTTP Auth. is still marked as "In progress". Is it not complete now?

It should be, yes.

> Also, HTTPS says "Nearly done - Doesn't handle invalid certificates
> well". That's complete now, isn't it?

Basically; I'm still not happy about the intuitiveness of the UI, but 
that's not a major issue, tbh.

> I think frames can be changed from "In progress" to "Complete" with
> the few remaining issues mentioned in the Notes column.

Which should just be the marginwidth/marginheight attributes, iirc.

> Lists can be changed to "Nearly done" or maybe "Complete". I'm not
> quite sure how much list stuff is unfinished.

>From the perspective of HTML, not very much - the attributes applying to 
list items are the only thing I can think of, off hand.

>From the CSS perspective, just list-style-position: inside; and the other 
list-style-type values (which is mainly just converting the number to the 
correct glyph for display). Also, the special casing of marker box 
backgrounds - they should be transparent, not whatever the principal box's 
style says (if the marker is outside, anyway).

> Position can be changed so the notes say Fixed positioning is
> unimplemented and stacking order is incorrect.

That sounds correct to me.


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