Float based layouts

Michael Drake mike at smoothartist.com
Tue Jun 27 13:53:04 BST 2006


After absolute positioning was implemented I checked a few sites to 
see if they'd improved. Many have improved a lot, however, some are 
still layed out wrongly.

I've looked at the following sites

GameFAQs  http://www.gamefaqs.com/
GameSpot  http://uk.gamespot.com/
Digg      http://digg.com/

and made test cases for them. They all use float based layouts to get 
columns and it doesn't work in NetSurf.

Test case for GameFAQs & GameSpot:
    http://www.smoothartist.com/netsurf/gamefaqs/   Updated 27.06.2006

Test case for Digg:
    http://www.smoothartist.com/netsurf/digg/       Updated 27.06.2006

Also, IGN ( http://uk.ign.com/ ) has major layout issues, but I've not 
looked into it yet.

Best regards,

Michael Drake (tlsa)


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