[lowrisc-dev] Simulation of lowRISC refresh-v0.6

Lucien Anti-Spam lucienmp_antispam at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 29 02:38:55 GMT 2018

Hi devs,
I was sort of bashing my way through the v0.5 for simulation when v0.6 came out. I thought it would be an easy move over; however it appears it maybe untested/broken?
There seem to have been quite a bit of folder and tech movement.  Here is what I noticed initially
vcs/vsim folders:* Immediately I noticed the rule for "lowrisc_srcs" is wrong but can be fixed with $(MODEL) vs $(PROJECT),* then I noticed that the constants are no longer from scala but a hard-coded set (aww, scala way was quite sexy),* and then I noticed the verilog_srcs didnt match up any more, and I stopped here.
Whats the general thoughts on simulation now?

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