[lowrisc-dev] Design of a multi-core platform based on lowRISC

Noureddine AIT SAID noureddine.aitsaid0 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 20:49:46 GMT 2018

I'm new to the lowRISC and RISCV community and also to the SoC and MP-SoC
design world.

I'm working on an MP-SoC platform that should run a basic OS with
multithreading based on lowRISC (or Rocket-Chip) which targets a Virtex-7
Xilinx FPGA.

​I decided to begin with the lowRISC because it is untethered and the
additional components that I will need in the future.

*​Now I would like to know if there is anybody who already worked on an
MP-SoC before or who is working on it now? Will Linux be capable of running
in the multi-core on the Virtex-7 and what challenges does it take to do
that? Not sure if the actual Linux supports or is going to support SMP?*

I'm thinking of using something light like FreeRTOS instead of linux, I saw
this repository: https://github.com/illustris/FreeRTOS-RISCV but* I'm not
sure how rough will this be to run it on the new platform nor what things
should be changed ? Is there any other minimal OS or app that can run on
the multi-core ?*

As I said I'm new to RISCV, I'm sorry for the very basic questions. I would
be very thankful for any information or documentation/book recommendation.

Thank you very much.
Best Regards.​

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