[lowrisc-dev] What do you use Debian for (in lowrisc)?

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo manuel.montezelo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 22:02:58 GMT 2018

2018-12-11 23:30 Karsten Merker:
>On Wed, Nov 07, 2018 at 11:47:25PM +0100, Karsten Merker wrote:
>I just wanted to provide a short status update:
>- There are some positive news regarding libffi: We now have a
>  backport of the RISC-V support from libffi7 to libffi6 and are
>  working on removing all dependencies on libffi7 from the archive.
>  This requires re-building quite a number of packages, which
>  will take some time and cause some packages to be temporarily
>  uninstallable during the transition, but once the transition is
>  complete, it should be possible to use debootstrap without any
>  further manual intervention.

The transition to libffi6 (version 3.2.1) that Karsten mentions is not
completely finished, but a few days ago we got past the point when
debootstrap works straight away with variant "minbase" [1].

So this command should get a basic chroot without any other
complications [2].  From a Debian system with packages "debootstrap" and
"debian-ports-archive-keyring" installed:

  debootstrap --variant=minbase --keyring \
    /usr/share/keyrings/debian-ports-archive-keyring.gpg \
    unstable TARGET_DIR \

Or this if not in a Debian system or is not desired to check the
signature (not recommneded, but well...):

  debootstrap --variant=minbase --no-check-gpg \
    unstable TARGET_DIR \

Then, making sure that /etc/apt/sources.list contains both entries
("unstable" can be "sid", it's an alias):

  deb http://ftp.ports.debian.org/debian-ports/ unstable main
  deb http://ftp.ports.debian.org/debian-ports/ unreleased main

And then "apt update" and "apt install iproute2" and anything else that
it's deemed necessary.  openssh-server recommended as one of the first
things to install, to have remote access and better terminal handling
than the local consoles / ttys.

Hope that helps!

[1] There's a problem with with some other packages depending on libelf
    (IIRC iproute2) that it's still on a separate archive that makes,
    but this one can simply be installed later, it's not critical like
    libffi6 affecting apt.

[2] Things might break from time to time due to new upstream uploads or
    transition, it's "Debian unstable" after all...

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montezelo at gmail.com>

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