[lowrisc-dev] Having troubles booting lowRISC v0.5

Chen Dongwei cdwdhr at pku.edu.cn
Tue Apr 10 07:15:44 BST 2018

I change the SD-card to a smaller 16GB one and I successfully boot to 
Linux. So I think this issue is caused by the capacity of SD-card.

在 2018/4/7 0:50, Dr Jonathan Kimmitt 写道:
> I haven't tried that option. Usually sharing the ethernet card between 
> a VM and a Windows Host causes issues,
> but you can experiment preferably without NAT to begin with.
> On 06/04/18 17:47, 陈东维 wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply.
>> I first tried SD-card method because I'm running my Ubuntu on a 
>> VMWare virtual machine and I'm not sure if the NAT between virtual 
>> machine and host would cause some trouble.
>> Is there any trick if I use this virtual machine as the NFS server? 
>> Or do I just need to configure the ip of eth0 and set up NFS server 
>> according to the tutorial?

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