[lowrisc-dev] Porting TileLink2 to LowRISC

Sean Halle seanhalle at intensivate.com
Sat Jun 24 21:16:08 BST 2017


   Thanks for LowRISC and this community.  I am writing with a question
about porting and upstreaming to the LowRISC distro.  Some background on
the question -- we are producing a high performance low power processor
core -- 30% higher performance than Xeon E5-4667 core, at around 100x lower
power.  Based on this, our server replaces 60 Intel based servers on
compute intensive tasks, while costing 6 times less and consuming 25 times
less electricity.

   As part of this, we have been approached by a potential partner who has
processor optimization technology.  They want to cut a deal with us, to use
their system.  However, their system relies upon TileLink2.

   The issue is that we are based on LowRISC and plan to continue with the
LowRISC distribution to the end.

   So, as a compromise they are proposing to port TileLink2 to LowRISC.
The question we have for the list is what do people think about the porting
and then upstreaming?  If we resolve the Chisel2 vs Chisel3 part, then
would it be a viable option for them to send a pull request and have the
port become a permanent part of the LowRISC distro?

Thanks for all you do,


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