[lowrisc-dev] FT600 and GLIP [was: FPGA Recommendation]

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Jun 17 17:47:16 BST 2017

Stefan Wallentowitz wrote:
> I also have an FT600 evaluation board here,

While I dislike older FTDI products because of the poor USB protocol
they use, I was happy to see that the FT600 does everything right,
when I looked at it some time ago. I still haven't used it, but would
like to.

> but never got at it, because it only has the proprietary driver from FTDI.

That's no problem. It would be easy to write some software for them.

> Also, I don't understand why they didn't spent some logic on a single
> GPIO pin.

They do have two GPIO pins, GPIO0 and GPIO1, but some software
configuration is required for them to be used as such.

> GLIP standardizes a FIFO interface plus a reset GPIO pin

The FT600 fits very well into that model.

If the Nexys FT2232H is too slow or Vivado too clumsy with USB (see
my other mail about Nexys debug communication) then I'm happy to work on
an FT600 solution instead. The FMC boards are 50-60 ¤ at Digi-Key, not bad.


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