[lowrisc-dev] Ethernet Support

Dr Jonathan Kimmitt jrrk2 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jun 14 22:46:29 BST 2017

Dear Sean,
  I am actively working on Ethernet support for lowRISC, it will be a software intensive implementation that can only run with Linux as the network stack. At this stage I have arp requests coming in to the stack, a reply is generated, but this is lost because my hardware is broken. Assuming I can overcome this problem quickly, it will still require a lot of optimisation to be useable as a server, because of issues making sure packets are not lost in hardware unnecessarily.

Another limitation is 100MHz only on nexys4ddr boards only.


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> On 14 Jun 2017, at 19:58, Sean Halle <seanhalle at intensivate.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>   We are implementing a low power high performance RISC-V core, and
> building upon the LowRISC distribution.  Thank you for everything you are
> contributing.
>   We have a single core version of our chip, based on LowRISC, up and
> running Linux.  We would like to start a server on it, and set it up on the
> internet, that potential customers can log into.
>   We noticed that there are plans to add ethernet to LowRISC, with a
> driver for Linux.  Is there any update on the status?  We are interested in
> this, and would like to work together with anyone moving this forward.
> Thank you,
> Sean
> Intensivate
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