[lowrisc-dev] Re: [sw-dev] RISC-V LLVM status update

David Craven david at craven.ch
Thu Aug 24 13:00:54 BST 2017

Hi Angelo.

It's the rust-llvm-2017-07-20 branch, which is llvm-5 with a few
patches. We mainly need it for the ValueTracking patch and the
MCSubtargetInfo patches. Then asb's patches are applied on top.

Then there's three TMP: patches related to backporting the patchset to
llvm-5 and rust-llvm (reverting a build related patch).

And then a couple of trivial patches mostly hacks (see the commit
messages), the only interesting one is the one that implements branch
analysis - as you already noted (insertBranch).

[ValueTracking] 7bfe090f9dc92b9c732d0d35bb4a2a53acb6b44e
[SubtargetInfo] 8dde6702fc292b571d8808843c1db43f909ccf53

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