[lowrisc-dev] Multiple Rockets and Minions memory hierarchy

Tobias Strauch tobias at cloudx.cc
Mon Apr 17 11:39:29 BST 2017

Hi Rob et al.,

thank you for sharing an update on your wonderful project at the RISC-V WS in Munich.

I’ve been following the lowRISC project closely and I was wondering, if I may ask you two questions.

1) Support for (many) MultiCores (except the Minions):

Are you still planning to go for a solution, that supports multiple cores of the same kind (except the Minion Cores Network), so let’s say, multiple rockets, multiple BOOMs etc. I’m particular interested in how you solve the cache coherence\software\OS software problems that come with it.

2) Minions and local memory

Will you attach local memory to the individual minions, and if so, how will your global memory hierarchy look like?

Thank you so much in advance for your answers.

Cheers, Tobias

PS: Can’t wait to work with your next release.

PPS: I think the survey on the RISC-V cores you mentioned is highly appreciated.

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