[lowrisc-dev] [gsoc-16] Draft proposal for porting xv6 to lowRISC

Alex Bradbury asb at asbradbury.org
Mon Mar 21 16:04:53 GMT 2016

On 20 March 2016 at 10:29, Shibjash Dutt <sjd96bvn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've finished a draft of my proposal to port the xv6 teaching
> operating system to lowRISC. A plaintext version can be found at
> https://github.com/arciel/lowrisc-proposal/blob/master/proposal.txt
> I'd be glad if the lowRISC team could offer some comments and tell me if
> any sections need clarification or further expansion.

Hi Shibjash. On first read this seems like a very well put together
proposal. You've done a good job of studying the existing source code
structure, and I like the fact you describe documentation of the port
as part of the deliverable. You might want to say a little more about
yourself in the proposal - have you done any larger projects before?
What relevant University courses have you done?

I've suggested to some others who've been in touch that they might
want to glance over some of the other xv6 ports to see if this gives
any ideas for what you might do differently / the same.




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