[lowrisc-dev] Re: [musl] [GSoC2016] A proposal on porting musl to RISC-V

Alexander Monakov amonakov at ispras.ru
Wed Mar 16 08:37:17 GMT 2016


On Wed, 16 Mar 2016, Masanori Ogino wrote:
> I published an early draft of my Google Summer of Code 2016 proposal.
> You can get the draft from:
> https://github.com/omasanori/gsoc2016-proposal .
> Check https://github.com/omasanori/gsoc2016-proposal/releases/tag/rev1
> if you want a PDF file of this revision.

I think at the moment the source file (proposal.md) is a bit more informative
because it has references to source code, and, more importantly, some URLs to
relevant projects such as the simulator and libc-test.  The PDF still has the
URLs, but they are typeset the same as normal text.

> Any comment would be appreciated. Feel free to send comments on MLs or GitHub.

It looks nice.  I have two non-essential comments:

- in week 1 tasks, you point out "Implement the startup code, function
  prologue and epilogue"; the comment references musl's crt startup code, but
  I don't see what the prologue/epilogue refer to; normally the compiler emits
  them, unless I'm misunderstanding what you say;

- I think it would be nice if you could add URLs for other risc-v software
  projects relevant to this work, namely the toolchain porting efforts
  (riscv-gnu-toolchain?), and perhaps the kernel port if there's a single URL
  for that (sorry I'm not familiar with RISC-V).


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