[lowrisc-dev] device tree

Jamey Hicks jamey.hicks at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 15:54:42 GMT 2016

I've been working on RISC-V system integration with Bluespec and Draper. In
order to speed up testing, I'm running the kernel in qemu but have
connected it to peripherals on an FPGA.


Right now I'm just doing system integration, rather than developing new
peripherals. My goal was not to have to modify any drivers. I'm using BSV
to integrate Xilinx IP cores and Connectal to connect the software to the

I have a UART and the Xilinx AXI Interrupt Controller working and I'm
debugging a problem with the AXI I2C Controller device driver.

Without changing the software or BSV, I could connect qemu to bluesim or

Looking at qemu, it would be cool if it populated its device models based
on the device tree, so that one could emulate something that matched the

I'm thinking about how to derive the hardware from some sort of
device-tree-ish specification.

If any of this is helpful to someone working on GSoC or anything else, I
would be happy to discuss the approach and the code.

Jamey Hicks

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