[lowrisc-dev] Where is the source code of bbl?

Masanori Ogino masanori.ogino at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 14:57:49 GMT 2016

Hello, all.

I tried to build a RISC-V Linux environment and succeeded to start
/sbin/init (and failed to execute sh, but it's okay since I'd forgot to
put it to the image.)
However, I can't find how I get the bbl program in the instructions on
the installation manual (http://riscv.org/software-tools/
<http://riscv.org/software-tools/>), so I used the pre-built binary
linked from http://riscv.org/software-tools/riscv-qemu/
<http://riscv.org/software-tools/riscv-qemu/> .

The question is: where can I get the source of the program, or it has
been obsolete and using pk is the right way now?
(I know this mailing list is not for RISC-V but for lowRISC, but I
couldn't subscribe ones for RISC-V. I'm sorry to send this mail to this ML.)


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