[lowrisc-dev] How to recreate nexys4_ddr_fpga_standalone.bit?

Wei Song ws327 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Jul 17 13:51:45 BST 2016

Hello Jonathan,

The tutorial is not clear on this part. I will have it revised.
To generate a standalone bitstream:

cd $TOP/fpga/board/nexys4_ddr
# change CONFIG in Makefile to Nexys4Config
make boot

You will get the bitstream as

Best regards,

On 17/07/16 04:26, Jonathan Neuschäfer wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Nexys 4 DDR board, and I'm currently trying to run lowRISC on
> it. The precompiled bitstream works fine, and I get a busybox shell on
> /dev/ttyUSB1 of the host computer, but when I compile the bitstream
> myself, I don't see anything on the UART lines.
> I'm using Vivado and the Xilinx SDK 2015.4 and commit c79a4b86170e of
> the lowrisc-chip repo, along with matching git submodules.
> What's the correct way to build nexys4ddr_fpga_standalone.bit? Does
> "make bitstream" build the debug or standalone bitstream?
> Greetings,
> Jonathan Neuschäfer

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