[lowrisc-dev] Errors regarding run bare metal exmaples

Weizhong Huang wh6ma at virginia.edu
Thu Jul 7 01:29:03 BST 2016

Hello all! 

Thank you gary for your advise.
I have used gcc 4.8.5 to recompile the RISC-V tools
and I tried "make hello" in kc705 folder
There is no error in the progress.
I still have one more confusion. When I do "elf2hex 16 4096 rv64ui-p-add > 
~/newlowRISC/DIR/lowrisc-chip/vsim$ elf2hex 16 4096 rv64ui-p-add > rv64ui-p-
elf2hex: ../fesvr/elfloader.cc:19: std::map<std::__cxx11::basic_string<char>, 
long unsigned int> load_elf(const char*, memif_t*): Assertion `fd != -1' 
Not quite sure what does it mean.

The other thing is about UART
I was able to connect to ttyUSB2 port by 

~/newlowRISC/DIR/lowrisc-chip/fpga/board/kc705$ microcom -p /dev/ttyUSB2 -s 
connected to /dev/ttyUSB2
Escape character: Ctrl-\
Type the escape character followed by c to get to the menu or q to quit
However, the tutorial states that "After downloading the bitstream, the UART 
interface should print: Hello World!"
WHat do I need to do in order to download the bitstream to UART?

Please advise. I apologize for the silly questions.

Thank you


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