[lowrisc-dev] Weekly Report of Porting musl to RISC-V Project #5

Masanori Ogino masanori.ogino at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 01:42:00 BST 2016


Thanks to the folks, I passed the mid-term evaluation. Now it is about
time to publish the fifth progress report on porting musl on RISC-V.

Last week, the toolchain itself has been built for RISC-V and running
on Spike, and libc-test [1] can be executed with it now. I posted the
result of tests on [2]. The REPORT.txt file contains all error
messages of failed tests, both run-time ones and compile-time ones.

Some failures are expected since musl on x86_64 also does the same
ones (e.g. errors in src/api/fcntl.c), but there are some unexpected
errors too. I guess that the "warning: <the name of a header> is
shorter than expected" warning indicates bugs in arch-dependent part
of I/O functions or system calls (or kernel?) and it causes syntax
errors in the same compilation unit.

Moreover, some tests triggers a "signal 11" error (segmentation fault)
in libc. I added some logs to [2]. They are bugs in the port,
obviously. I am working on them.

The good news is, anyway, some results are *better than x86_64*,
especially in math functions :-)
(probably the cause is the difference in the floating-point precision,
though. it is usual in float tests...)

It takes long, long time to get but finally I have a (seems-to-be)
working test suite for the port. I will continue to debug and fix the
port using the result. Stay tuned!

[1]: http://nsz.repo.hu/git/?p=libc-test
[2]: https://gist.github.com/omasanori/ee828369aea844ac7fdfdc8362953299

Masanori Ogino

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