[lowrisc-dev] [GSoC] Implementing an open-source DDRx controller

Bittu N admin at diadatp.com
Fri Apr 29 11:21:38 BST 2016

Hello everyone,

My name is Bittu. I'm a senior at BITS-Pilani, Goa, India, studying
Electronics and Physics. I'll be working with lowRISC over the summer
as part of Google Summer Of Code. I'll be implementing an AXI4
compatible DDRx memory controller, under the guidance of my mentor Dr.
Wei Song.

I hope that my work benefits the lowRISC organisation and other
projects with similar needs. I plan on using the community bonding
period to gain further insight into the requirements and discuss
architectural tradeoffs. I would also like to use this period to get
accustomed to the way lowRISC operates.

Please feel free to pitch in with ideas and suggestions. It will be
good having more than a few pairs of eyes looking at this project. I
will share my progress on my blog, perhaps on a weekly basis.

The other projects look very exciting. I hope that all of us are able
to accomplish our goals.

Thank You

Bittu (diadatp)

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