[lowrisc-dev] [GSoC] Porting OPTEE to the lowRISC platform

rahul mahadev rahul.mahadev7 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 12:46:41 BST 2016

I am a 4th year student of Information Science at PES University, Bangalore
, India. I will be working with lowRISC this summer as a part of Google
Summer Of Code.

I'm being mentored by Stefan Wallentowitz and my project aims to port a
TEE(Trusted Execution Environment) to the RISC-V platform. We have looked
at OPTEE by Linaro as a reference point and hope to establish the
functionalities it provides. We have chalked out around three ways we could
do this.

1. Full port of OPTEE and effectively porting the entire ARM-Trusted
Firmware extensions also the ARM TrustZone features could be implemented
using minion cores.

2. Last year's GSOC had Hesham M. Almatary port a fully working seL4
imlpementation for RISC-V, I could use that and para-virtualize OPTEE and
the Normal World OS on top of seL4.

3. Third method is the most elegant one in which I write services in seL4
which will provide features required by a Global Platform compilant TEE.

As stated in my proposal I will utilize the community bonding period to
decide which approach to go for, It would also be great If I could get the
community's opinion.  I find this project really interesting and hope it
could benefit the community. I will also be mainting a weekly blog , I will
share the link when it is ready.

Thank You
M <http://heshamelmatary.blogspot.in/>

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