[lowrisc-dev] Re: Ethernet Support on the rocket FPGA implementation

Pawan Reddy Sibbala ps849 at cornell.edu
Sun Apr 17 21:34:59 BST 2016

Hello Wei,

It would be great if you could give your thoughts on this. Looking forward
to hearing from you.


On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 10:54 PM, Pawan Reddy Sibbala <ps849 at cornell.edu>

> Hi Wei,
> I have a question about ethernet support on the rocket FPGA implementation
> ( tethered and untethered versions ).
> In the tethered version, it is mentioned that HTIF is used to service
> system calls for peripheral device emulation. Can rocket core on the FPGA
> send packets over the ethernet? I don't think it has support for it but I'm
> trying to get a sense of what needs to changed/added to make this support?
> Could you give your thoughts on how one can do this?
> It seems like the untethered version has support for UART and SD card. How
> different would it be to add ethernet support for this when compared to the
> tethered version with HTIF?
> Thanks,
> Pawan

Pawan Reddy Sibbala
Cornell University

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