[lowrisc-dev] Ethernet Support on the rocket FPGA implementation

Pawan Reddy Sibbala ps849 at cornell.edu
Wed Apr 13 03:54:39 BST 2016

Hi Wei,

I have a question about ethernet support on the rocket FPGA implementation
( tethered and untethered versions ).

In the tethered version, it is mentioned that HTIF is used to service
system calls for peripheral device emulation. Can rocket core on the FPGA
send packets over the ethernet? I don't think it has support for it but I'm
trying to get a sense of what needs to changed/added to make this support?
Could you give your thoughts on how one can do this?

It seems like the untethered version has support for UART and SD card. How
different would it be to add ethernet support for this when compared to the
tethered version with HTIF?


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