[lowrisc-dev] lowRISC GSoCs and documentation

Stefan Wallentowitz stefan.wallentowitz at tum.de
Tue May 19 13:28:05 BST 2015

On 19.05.2015 14:21, Alex Bradbury wrote:
> Hi Stefan, complete agreement from me, huge +1. The ultimate ambition
> should be that for any given piece of open source software, the
> RISC-V/lowRISC port can serve as a reference for others. As you say -
> contributing documentation is going to be an important step for this.
> I'll aim to share a public phabricator (http://phabricator.org/) for
> collaborating on this kind of thing as well as general
> collaboration+bug tracking later in the week.
> Thanks,
> Alex

Very cool! Looking forward to it and resisting to install it locally for
playing around ;)


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