[lowrisc-dev] Open GPU for the first CPU

Alex Bradbury asb at asbradbury.org
Tue Feb 17 09:05:21 GMT 2015

On 17 February 2015 at 02:30, ALadar-V <lowrisc-dev at aggregator.eu> wrote:
> Agreed, for general use. But the fundamental question is the team of
> developers - whether they can design a GPU at all. The team is the key
> to performance.
> Wish I could help somehow to make it happen. Anyway, does anywhere exist
> some other project(s) for an open GPU for RISC-V ecosystem? I think an
> initiative with a webpage, some working group, maybe forums for
> discussing various aspects of the design... mail lists are great but the
> ideas get buried under the crust of new mail... and novices can't reply
> directly to older stuff. Also there's no summary for various topics and
> the possibility to directly link to older messages directly.
> Maybe it could be setup under the lowrisc project as a working group?

GPGPU is not going to be a priority for the core lowRISC team for some
time, as there's clearly rather a lot to focus on in building out the
core lowRISC platform and SoC. Of course we hope to be a truly open
development project, and attract external contributors who may have
different priorities and interests to our own. A working group or
similar would be great. I'll be fleshing out the lowRISC website over
the next couple of months, and I agree there are issues with mailing
lists. The addition of a wiki should help with keeping track of ideas
over time. I'd like to have a forum<->ML gateway along the lines of
Dlang's http://forum.dlang.org/


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