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Reinoud Zandijk reinoud at NetBSD.org
Mon Feb 9 17:07:38 GMT 2015

Hi Stephen,

On Mon, Feb 09, 2015 at 01:53:16PM +0000, Stephen Rogers wrote:
> Thanks for the reply! Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner, this has been at
> the back of my mind since last week.
> If I understand correctly, is the plan to get that list of tools working
> with LLVM, completely independent of the GNU toolchain? What I've seen on
> the LLVM git repository is that LLVM can compile for RISCV fine, but it
> relies on the GNU toolchain for linking and assembly. Is there any reason
> why the existing LLVM implementation can't assemble for RISCV? Also, has
> anyone attempted to plug in LLVM's own linker LLD?

Preferably use LLVM yes. For me, I'm currently trying out the crosscompiling
NetBSD/riscv toolchain that ought to work but i have no clear idea yet in what
shape it is since i can't seem to contact Matt Thomas who maintains the riscv
part of it. It does compile stuff but if the resulting program work? The
standard emulators are tailored to the gcc/newlib combination with the
libfesvr frontend. Libfesvr hasn't printed a single char to the display yet
for me yet so thats still being debugged :) Even the authors help is
discouraging but i'm not giving up yet.

As for Qemu, i'll try to build a beginning of the Hypervisor, even if it just
prints `hello world' it i'll be a milestone. Part of the problem is that the
priviledged ISAv2 hasn't been published yet and the lowRISC SoC spec hasn't
been finalised either :) So its quite a moving target!

Kind regards,

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