[lowrisc-dev] Open GPU for the first CPU

Stefan Wallentowitz stefan.wallentowitz at tum.de
Mon Feb 9 07:56:03 GMT 2015

On 08.02.2015 20:44, ALadar-V wrote:
> Hi,
> I was thinking along the (GPU) lines you do a few weeks now. One
> question is whether RISC-V ISA is the right ISA for a GPU (I wish so)
> and whether some community of developers could be established to take
> care of development of a GPU. Something along Rocket cores line -
> personally, I was thinking about gradual rewrite of MESA 3d library into
> hardware, accelerating parts of it until it's a full-fledged GPU-V
> Looking at opencores.org under Video controller section, I can only find
> Wishbone graphics controller and VGA, nothing about 3d.
> Wouldn't it be great if there was a scalable GPU-V generator along the
> lines of Rocket? A generator that could generate GPU from input
> variables like number of blocks, ALUS, etc. Again, a spec would be
> needed for the GPU so the OpenCL and OpenGL would work on any generated
> core.
> With regards to moving data in a massive-register system, unless there
> is a spec for the "GPU ISA", we can't start to tinker with it albeit in
> a software simulator, because there's no benchmark code available. Same
> as with benchmarking Rocket cores.
> What I was personally thinking what to start with (with the Mesa lib)
> would be some rasterizer-glued accelerator of a VGA GPU to perform
> triangle rendering with antialiasing at high speed, offloading the CPU
> in Mesa library. Maybe tile-based. Step by step... With HBM or HMC
> memory, the bandwidth to off-chip memory can be there. And I just
> imagine a SoC with multiple high bandwidth interfaces having both GPU
> and CPU part. Something like i.e. Raspberry Pi (now version 2 :) on
> steroids-V
> ALadar-V
Hi all,

there is a project that might be interesting to you:
It is currently a one man show, but advanced at a very high pace.


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