[lowrisc-dev] Verification and testing for open SPI/I2C/I2S/CAN/UART/... implementations

Alex Bradbury asb at asbradbury.org
Sat Feb 7 14:08:54 GMT 2015

[I'm crossposting to the openrisc mailing list(s) and the lowrisc-dev
mailing list]

As many of you may know, as part of the lowRISC project we are looking
to use a collection of simple RISC-V cores ('minions') to provide
software-implemented peripherals as well as other uses such as secure
isolated execution. Moving more of the protocol implementation to
software rather than hardware does perhaps ease the verification
challenge slightly (or at least moves it into the realm of "we can fix
it with an update"), though thorough verification suites for
communication protocols are still of great interest.

A search for 'i2c VIP' or similar shows a range of verification IP
available from a range of vendors. In the ideal case, the open
hardware community would create its own equivalent suites. I was
wondering if anyone has any useful links to such efforts, particularly
in the open source world? I had a bit of a look through opencores.org,
though none of my admittedly limited sampling had a particularly
thorough testbench - are there any particularly thoroughly tested

One example I did find is


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