Proposal: an icktool lint subcommand

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at
Thu Jul 26 14:05:28 BST 2018


I have noticed, over time, that it's possible to get into situations
where the controller is in a bit of an inconsistent or messy state.

To that end I'd like to suggest the introduction of a set of lints which
can be run against the controller to tell you about it (or a subset of it).

Example lints might be:

* Projects refer to pipelines which do not exist
* Projects refer to pipelines but do not have all the requisite parameters
* Pipelines exist which are not referred to by any project
* Pipelines exist with no actions

Some of these lints could be run during make-it-so to report issues before
uploading to the server, others may only make sense once uploaded but could
provide a useful way to diagnose issues.  I have hit all of these in my limited
time playing with ick2 so far.

Whether the lints should be icktool side, or server-side and retrieved by
icktool remains to be seen, I'd guess icktool-side to begin with.

What do people think?  We can flesh out how the command and output would look
once we know if this is something people would like and what lints people can
think of.


Daniel Silverstone               
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