Baserock Infra Update and *Deprecation Notice*

Pedro Alvarez pedro.alvarez at
Wed Jan 11 11:19:38 GMT 2017

Hi all!

I've decided to spend some time this morning to try some things to
tidy up a bit the move to Gitlab.

A new "lorries" stanza[1] has been created in the lorry-controller
configuration file letting us lorry things in the 'baserock/'
namespace from Gitlab. The lorries for these "core" repositories are
located in the 'core-lorries' subfolder[2].

For now I've created lorries for definitions.git (the most important
repository) and for lorries.git (so that people can add new lorries
from Gitlab). More lorries can be easily created if wanted/needed.

A side effect of having an updated definitions.git in, is that Mason can't build latest master anymore
(given that Morph doesn't support it). For that reason the following
services will be removed:


The idea would be to remove them at the end of this week, possibly
during the weekend (14th - 15th of January 2017). If you have any
questions/opinions/suggestions, please reply to this email, or contact
us on #baserock in Freenode

Thanks to everyone who helped to create these awesome tools and services!



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