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On 24/01/16 17:39, Sam Thursfield wrote:
> Hello!
> I admit I've not been following GENIVI and Automotive Grade Linux
> recently and have got totally confused about GENIVI Baseline vs. GENIVI
> Demo Platform vs. Unified Code Base.
> Is the GENIVI Baseline reference system in definitions.git obsolete or
> is it still useful?

@Tom Pollard can you add some light here?

> Did AGL and GENIVI agree to standardise on Yocto recently for all future
> work? That's the impression I get from here:
> <> but I could be misunderstanding.

I would not say it is the result of an agreement. Both has arrived to 
Yocto with a different history.

> Is there any ongoing use of Baserock within GENIVI (for the demo
> platform perhaps?) or not?

Link to roadmap:

> I'm asking just because right now I don't have a clue and I am curious!
> (Of course, maybe nobody knows yet :-)
> Thanks
> Sam
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