[RFC] Continuous Integration

Josh Malkinson josh.malkinson at codethink.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 15:01:15 GMT 2015

Yesterday's public baserock meetup included a BoF session on Continuous
Integration. Here are my notes from the session; especially valuable
would be suggested next actions for this topic.

## Notes

Challenge - testing across all the systems we support. i.e. How do we
have a review process that will catch failures to build on particular
architectures before it gets to master.

A successful compile is not enough to confirm that something is actually
working. But then how far do we go with testing? And obviously it's
preferable to automate everything.

Continuous integration: Every time you change something, you should be
re-building everything that depends on the change, and then testing that
it will deploy. But then you need to break down what you're actually
going to test. This is where test suites come in.

Two phases are suggested:

* Does it build? Great, it's in the testing "canary" branch.
* Has it been thoroughly tested? Better! It's in the master.

One thing we are lacking, it seems, is a formalised way of saying "This
patch has been tested on this architecture, this one, and that one. It
passed these tests."


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