[RFC] Cross-building baserock

Josh Malkinson josh.malkinson at codethink.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 14:41:52 GMT 2015

Yesterday's public baserock meetup included a BoF session on cross-
building baserock. I shall present the action points first, with some
more general notes below. Comments and elaboration on my notes will
be greatly appreciated.

## Actions

* Build a scratchbox (http://www.scratchbox.org/) environment with
* This presents a bootstrapping problem in need of planning
* Learn from the techniques of scratchbox so that even if it cannot be
   applied directly we may be able to make something from what is

## Notes

The goal is that, working in baserock on some system, say ARM for
example, a simple command along the lines of `morph build
<x86_system_name>` produces an x86 system ready for deployment.

Other organisations attempting similar tasks often have to apply many
patches (and chase upstream about possibly accepting them), however
since our design constraints are not the same as theirs we do not
necessarily have to follow this approach.


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