GLMark for Jetson TK1 Baserock System

James Thomas james.thomas at
Tue Jun 17 15:15:22 BST 2014


Here's how to get a GLMark running, under weston, on the Jetson TK1 Genivi
system image

1) Download and extract
to an SD Card, follow the previous instructions for getting this working

2) Download the GLMark binaries + boot script hot-fix from and extract this to / (e.g if
doing it on the board "tar xvf glmark-demo.tar.gz -C /")

3) Reboot the board to load the new boot script changes

4) Move the weston ivi config file someplace safe:
    mv ~/.config/weston.ini ~/westonivi.ini
Note, do not call this weston.ini in ~, as weston will continue to use this

5) Start weston
    XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp weston

6) Open weston terminal, and launch glmark
    EGL_DRIVER=egl_dri2 glmark2-es2-wayland

That's it!


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