[RFC] Consuming upstream tags in baserock

Paul Sherwood paul.sherwood at codethink.co.uk
Mon Jul 28 11:36:21 BST 2014

I saw some IRC discussion on this, and it's been an ongoing source of
complexity, so here's my 2cents:

- we aim for builds to be reproducible, which means knowing the exact
version of each component

- in some cases we would like to use upstream tags, but the fear is that
a tag may be occasionally moved or even deleted by upstream

- if we've taken the SHA1 for the tag, a move/deletion may lead to our
SHA1 being cleaned out later during a git gc (because it becomes
unreachable, hence cleanable).

- we've tried having a baserock/morph branch, and advancing it tidily so
that previous SHAs remain in the branch and hence aren't targets for gc.

- but baserock/morph can be moved too, and this can cause surprises
making it hard for a user to

I'd like to suggest we just make our own tags, containing enough meaning
to be useful for us and future maintainers of baserock systems.
Something like


so for example Linux v3.16-rc6 could be tagged by us as


This would prevent any cleanup by git, shield us from any
movement/deletion by upstream, and be parseable allow some validation to
ensure that neither upstream nor baserock itself has accidentally or on
purpose moved the tag (ie the short-sha should correspond with the head

I believe short SHA could be shorter than seven chars without any
realistic possibility of collisions, or longer if we're completely


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