[PATCH] Adds scenario test to prevent cross-building

Richard Maw richard.maw at codethink.co.uk
Tue Oct 29 10:16:41 GMT 2013

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 06:30:11PM +0000, Dan Firth wrote:
> repo: git.baserock.org:baserock:baserock/morphs
> branch: danielfirth/S8973
> sha1: 27a948da2bc6f1121283b26d20fde8873e6d8ef2
> +Implementation sections for building
> +====================================
> +
> +    IMPLEMENTS WHEN attempting to build the system (\S+) in branch (\S+)
> +    cd "$DATADIR/workspace/$MATCH_2"
> +    attempt_morph build $MATCH_1 2> "$DATADIR/build_result" --cachedir-min-space=0 --tempdir-min-space=0

It would be neater for this to be done for all morph build commands,
hence I would prefer altering the shell library which provides the
attempt_morph and run_morph commands to set min-space.

> +
> +    IMPLEMENTS THEN error message includes the string "(.*)"
> +    grep "$MATCH_1" $DATADIR/build_result

Likewise it may be more convenient to make run_morph and attempt_morph
always write their output to a file.

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