Updating cmdtest in baserock.

Pedro Alvarez pedro.alvarez at codethink.co.uk
Fri Oct 25 14:42:43 BST 2013

Repo: git://git.baserock.org/delta/cmdtest.git
Branch: baserock/pedroalvarez/update
Sha1: 61d2da5227aec7fb524242ed3b6682b5c7226fd4
Card: S9356

I have updated cmdtest in baserock using the following procedure:

1. Create a new branch based on baserock/morph
2. Merge the tag of the latest version on it
3. Fix merge conflicts.

There were no conflicts during the merge. I have built a devel-system
succesfuly, and also executed it to check the cmdtest version:

    ~ # cmdtest --version

Everybody is welcome to test it and review it. I need the reviews before


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