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Mon Nov 28 10:38:49 GMT 2011

Yup, I'll do it.
On Nov 28, 2011 8:11 AM, "Lars Wirzenius" <lars.wirzenius at>

> On 25.11.2011 19:35, Javier Jardon wrote:
>> More detailed tests here, this time in a SSD drive [1]
>> [1]
>> linux31_ssd&num=3D1<
>>  Cool.
> I note that all these tests are run on the Intel architecture. It would be
> cool if we ran them on ARM as well: the difference in CPU speed may well
> have an impact, since on ARM the CPU has less time to optimize I/O
> operations, and there's less memory as well. And also run the benchmark
> against all of SD cards, spinning SATA disks, and SSD drives.
> Anyone up to the task?
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