Baserock FAQ; btrfs speed

Lars Wirzenius lars.wirzenius at
Thu Nov 24 17:22:04 GMT 2011

Since nothing happens unless it's reported on the mailing list...

There's now an FAQ (with a single question) on the Baserock wiki:

Also, someone suggested that btrfs might be too slow for Baserock. I ran 
some tests using the bonnie++ tool, on a laptop, against a spinning 
disks (i.e., not on flash memory; didn't have a sufficiently large
SD card available).

     fs type block write % of ext 4  block read  % of ext4
     ext2    44909       85          68865       116
     ext3    44571       84          68782       116
     ext4    52787       100         59518       100
     btrfs   53118       101         54253       91

The results are satisfactory, I think.

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