Baserock 8 - VDI fixes

Daniel Silverstone daniel.silverstone at
Mon Jun 3 13:28:24 BST 2013

On Friday May 31st, Baserock 8 was released.  Unfortunately due to a bug in the
conversion tool used to create the VirtualBox .vdi disk images, anyone using
VirtualBox would have experienced unpredictable failures in the system.

Some of these failures manifested in segmentation faults, btrfs checksum
failures or simply programs that misbehaved in confusing ways.

If you downloaded any of the Baserock 8 .vdi files generated on Friday then you
may encounter these problems.

The .vdi files have now been regenerated and tested to ensure that the problem
has been remedied.  The download targets have been replaced.  You can ensure
that you have the correct versions by using the md5sum program to determine the
checksum of the downloaded .vdi.gz files.  The corrected ones have the
following checksums:

    7f2f6ff96c78208a832f733dd416c804  baserock-8-base-x86_32.vdi.gz
    a753f2c7e98f5f36617bec99c6358860  baserock-8-base-x86_64.vdi.gz
    0a88d4bf680236d888e473a4d1bb5041  baserock-8-devel-x86_32.vdi.gz
    19785a28d6e6152623ac830970a4f9be  baserock-8-devel-x86_64.vdi.gz

We apologise for any inconvenience and confusion this error may have caused.

Thank you,

The Baserock Team

Daniel Silverstone                 
Senior Developer                  GPG 4096/R Key Id: 3CCE BABE 206C 3B69

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