you did it! I tested FireBee version and nov disk cache also works! Now surfing the net is also faster.
Thank you a lot!

There is still one problem with Atari built and if you have will to take a look. it doesnt display the webp pictures.
Instead to display it, it wants to download it.

Thank you,

V V sre., 25. mar. 2020 ob 23:14 je oseba Vincent Sanders <> napisala:
On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 10:33:10PM +0000, Peter Slegg wrote:
> I have just installed the Atari test build 5032 and it throws an error.
> NetSurf failed to initialise
> I switched the binary back to a previous build but that failed as
> well. Investigation showed that the cache folder had gone.
> I re-created it and the older version runs again but 5032 deletes it.
> Peter

I beleive I have fixed this now. The code for atari_mkdir_all() was
using the wrong directory separator (i.e. / instead of \)

Let me know if that fixes the problem as I cannot test myself

Regards Vincent