My apologies, in my haste, I listed the wrong SQL project.  However, I was on the correct page for Lemon before I my first email to the NetSurf list.  However, on that page, I found 2 source files, no makefile, and no clear direction on how it should be built correctly.  Also, there was no binary, though that wouldn't matter in the case of Syllable, because my point is to create a Syllable binary.  Do you have any additional help and advice for porting NetSurf over to Syllable?  I have been through the NetSurf mailing archives to find what I could.

Dee Sharpe

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> Hello all, I'm Dee Sharpe & I'm working on a port of Netsurf for
> Syllable ( I've been going off of the BeOS/Haiku
> port, since that OS is similar to ours.? However, there's one thing
> that I can't seem to grasp.? Since Netsurf uses the Lemon parse
> generator & Lemon is maintained by the MySQL project, how were yall
> successfully able to pull it out & use it on your platform?? We do
> not have a Lemon port & since Netsurf requires it, I am trying to do
> a build of it.? All help would be apprieciated!

Lemon is maintained by the guy who writes SQLite, not MySQL. It is
available as a single source download (and a runtime data file
download) that is trivial to compile.

See for instructions on how to fetch and
build it.