We have a packaging system & a special system for building programs that aren't usually native to Syllable.  I know that it's not important generally where this file goes.  However, what you may not know is that were we put things within our filesystem isn't totally solid yet.  So, while it's not important from a lemon perspective, it is important from a Syllable perspective.

Dee Sharpe

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> > > We may be able to use the same directory in Syllable.? Though,
> > > I'd rather a custom solution, sometimes it's better to follow the
> > > crowd in situations like this.
> >
> > The same directory for the location of Lemon's runtime data? It
> > doesn't matter where you put it; just that Lemon can find it. It is
> > only required at build time for NetSurf - it does not require it to
> > run NetSurf, only to build it.
> No, I meant that the Syllable binary may end up looking for it
> in /usr/share/lemon/lempar.c.

Where this file is is of no consequence. It does not matter where it
goes, and many OSes put it in different places. If /usr/share/lemon/
is an acceptable place for you to put it, then that's fine. It's only
needed when building, anyway.

Does Syllable have a packaging system? If so, you may want to package
Lemon to make it easier for others to reproduce your work towards
building NetSurf.