2009/1/8 Daniel Silverstone <dsilvers@netsurf-browser.org>
Dear all,

In an attempt to sort out a proper society in order to have a bank
account and appropriate protections for the funds and assets of the
NetSurf Project, we have written a draft constitution[1] and I have
determined[2] the list of eligible members as per point 2 to be:

 - Adam Blokus
 - Adrian Lees
 - James Bursa
 - Chris Young
 - Daniel Silverstone
 - Sean Fox
 - John-Mark Bell
 - John Tytgat
 - James Shaw
 - Mike Lester
 - Fran├žois Revol
 - Rob Kendrick
 - Andy Sidwell
 - Michael Drake
 - Vincent Sanders

The entire purpose of forming this society is to give us protection
and to ensure that funds currently split between myself and
John-Mark's bank accounts do not get lost in the case of under-bus
incidents and the like.

In order to successfully inaugurate the society, we will need to do
the following:

 1. Agree on a constitution for the society

Perhaps clause 6 could be clarified:
"The Secretary will accept and approve any such application providing the applicant fulfils any of the subclauses of 2."

This seems to apply only to membership applications, not resignations.  What would be the grounds for accepting resignation?